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Lets Create Your Dream Wedding

Planning / Design / Florals / Coordination


Why Us?

We caught fire curating beautiful events!  Originally designers, we thought our dream was to create magical days, share in your "oohs" and "aahs" as you bask in how we transformed the once drab, dull venue into something like a Disney movie.  Having  coordinated & designed events for the last few years, it made sense. 


We were happy. But something deep inside yearned for more.


One day, a bride just like you ignited a hidden passion by asking us to not just decorate her wedding but to produce it as well.  And just like that, we knew what we had been missing all along: the artistic freedom to work directly with the bride and groom to create the entire day from ambiance, vibe to flow.

From that day forward, we were no longer just coordinators, florists, planners or designers. We became event producers fixated on bringing an imagination to life, assemble the pieces and put it all in motion. 


First we help create a mood board of what’s to transpire on your big day.  We incorporate pictures, sounds, the smells, the mood, the vision, the look, the feelings, and the setting. We then create 3D renderings, budgets and offer various options for each component.  Finally we marry decor, florals, our preferred vendors and logistics to curate the day with a design that is all yours.


Fixated on one goal, we aspire to prolong those first few emotional moments of when you first see your design into the entire day.  We then oversee the transformation of the day into sweet memories that will last the rest of your lives. 


From the tapestry on the walls, tables and stage(s) to the food, music and beverages, each individual element is intricately combined to give the setting a feel that’s unique to the two of you.


So Why Us?

Because it's no small task to promise you the perfect day.  But from the moment you meet us, that's all we're thinking about.  We're as deeply invested into bringing your vision to life as you are.


Ambiance and Inspiration
  1. Collaborate on Ideas

  2. Let us help and create a vision

  3. Get wedding tips & start planning

Registries & Vendors
  1. Choose a venue

  2. Get registered at desired places

  3. Choose vendors from our lists

Budget and Checklist
  1. Organize with our financial planner

  2. Create budgets

  3. Allocate funds to groups

  1. 3D renderings of plans and design

  2. mock ups and choose colors

  3. discuss "look & feel" with our team

Our Wedding Planning Packages

Customizations Available

Planning Services

Full Planning Services

This all-inclusive package affords you the most complete offering we provide when it comes to planning your wedding!  It offers you peace of mind in knowing that all your t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted when it comes to producing your perfect event.  We handle venue tours, logistics, vendor match, decor options, multiple DJ, video and photography partners, exotic car rentals, pickups, drop offs – the whole shabang. 

Only What you Need

This package is for those who have partially planned their event such as already selected the venue, caterer, but need help tying up loose ends.  Includes partial planning from three months prior and on-Site/Day-Of Event Management.

Hire Us Just for the Day

Often times we find that our day of clients need a little more support than just the day of. This package gives you the same benefits of day of service with the added bonus of helping tie up those last few loose ends. 

Decor and Florals

Decor & Florals

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Indian Weddings

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Church Weddings

Rustic Wedding Decorations

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Wedding Ceremony Stage

Muslim Weddings

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Jennifer Alizadeh

"Ovation Decor & Events provided the theme and decor for a Rainbow/Circle of Life Themed Baby Shower for our twins. We chose this theme in honor of our late parents. No detail was spared and I was quite literally filled with emotions..."


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